Saturday, December 26, 2015

Fish, food and family

Happy Boxing Day!

I went out shopping today... for a new fish tank ;) Actually, we got a great one (it even came with fish) from my sister. Her new kitten was obsessed over the fish so, to preserve their sanity- and my sister's, we adopted Larry and Moe (Curly had already met the big toilet in the sky). She knows that, after 2 dogs and 2 cats, I am crazy and will take any new animal in ;) Thing is that the filter needed replacing and it actually cost more to replace it than to buy a whole new tank.... SO I bought a whole new tank... with another fish ;) Most people left the stores with clothes, shoes and electronics for Boxing Day. I left with a tank and a fish.... 'tis the season ;)

Yesterday (the 25th), the family brunch was at our house so we had lots of food and still have lots of food. I have to give credit to my friend, Catarina, for having posted a recipe on her blog for homemade Bounty Bites (English translation). I saw them ages ago and always kept them in the back of my mind. Finally, I had the chance (and the energy) to make them and they were a BIG hit!!!  To make up for all the eating, and to enjoy the weather, I went out for a nice run... It keeps my wine and chocolate relatively guilt free ;)

My in laws (Farmor and Farfar) will be arriving later this evening from Sweden so the boys are all excited. It will be a nice visit... maybe Andreas and I will even get a chance to go out on a date ;)

Wishing you all a nice evening xox

Part 1 of Christmas brunch ;)

Tak Catarina!!!

It is really hard to take pictures of fish. They don't stay still for very long ;)

Happy boys!

Enjoying the holidays in my new Christmas hoodie ;)


  1. Merry Christmas Celena :-D
    I have always loved fish tank, but actually never had one, but its so nice an relaxing to sit leaned bach and watch the fish swimming in the water :-D

    1. It is very cosy! Poor fish! I am sure that they feel like they are being watched all the time ;) Gl├Ždelig jul! xox