Sunday, November 22, 2015

Role reversal

Usually, I am the friend who is posting scary photos of snowstorms. I am usually the person who is complaining about being shut in at home, unable to escape the snowdrifts surrounding my house. This is my identity as a Canadian and, frankly, as much as I dislike winter, it is a sort of badge of honour. SO WHAT IS GOING ON THIS YEAR???? It is November 22 and I have green grass in my backyard. I even have some flowers that are still blooming in our flowerpots out front. Today, Alexander was out playing soccer in shorts. Yes, outside. No, I am not the worst mother in the world. Our temperature hovered around 10 degrees C. It doesn't even look like Christmas yet... not even close. ** I AM NOT COMPLAINING**
Last night, some of my friends in Scandinavia were attacked by up to 50 cm of snow. I have to say that it was not all my friends because dear Ola only saw a few flakes and then rain in Oesterbro. My other friends and family got snow... and lots of it...
I don't know what happened this year but what a role reversal! This year, they get the badge of snow honour and I will, happily, lend it to them because I am sure... no, am more than certain, that we will get it back again. Unfortunately..... ;)

Happy week to you all :)

This is us.....

This is them.... Roskilde, DK

Argh... I am getting flashbacks!

I don't mind sharing the honour of having lots of crappy snow ;)


  1. I love the stillness of a snowy landscape in the moonlight.
    And okay, one snowman. Thats it!
    We love this beautiful, warm, green autumn. It is very wet in the Netherlands, but we are known for that ;-)

    1. I should move to the Netherlands ;) I prefer wet and green than cold and snowy ;)
      Wishing you a great end to the week! xox

  2. It was so lovely the couple of days it lasted - but as you already know by now... it all have melted due to rising temperatures around 10-12 degrees celsius :-D

    1. Problem is that, over here, the snow lasts forever! :P