Thursday, March 4, 2021

A while ago

Yesterday, I decided to head into town to go for a walk. I love where we live but, frankly, I think it has long been over-walked (is this a word?). So, deciding to do something different, I went to do a walk that I haven't done in almost a year... my usual old walk to work. While it seemed very familiar, a lot is different: some stores have closed, some stores have opened, road work was actually finished (weird, right?) and there were a lot less people around. I ended the outing with a coffee and scone from my favourite coffee shop (Melk on Stanley Street). Thankfully, that was still open and going strong. Best coffee-crack around ;) 

I haven't done this walk since Thursday March 12, 2020. I remember it clearly... I had just cancelled my trip to Europe so I bought a train pass for the rest of the month. Most expensive trip home ever ;) Hindsight is 20/20. I honestly thought I would be on this walk on the Friday. Guess not... 

Here is some photo spam of my walk... Happy Thursday! xox