Wednesday, November 25, 2020

Looking at the bright side

Sometimes, it is hard to work from home: I miss the interactions with my colleagues. I miss the walk into work. I miss my favourite cafe. I miss the festive atmosphere along Ste Catherine street. I miss the vibe of being downtown. I miss face to face teaching.

Looking at the bright side: Today, it is snowing and kind of messy outdoors. Being at home, my lunchbreak includes the chance to sit on my couch for a few minutes, cosy, having a cup of coffee before going back to work again. Oh yeah... did I mention that I am the only one at home at the moment? 

Not bad.... 😉


  1. That's what I miss most, being home alone!

    1. You will need to take some mental break days ;) <3

  2. Nej der er ikke altid let at arbejde hjemme fra og specielt ikke når man skal og ikke må andet. Jeg gad godt have noget af alt din sne så kan du få lidt regn i stedet :D