Saturday, June 16, 2018

Things (or thing) that I dislike about summer...

I know that I write a lot of blog posts complaining about winter. I complain about the cold, about the snow, about shovelling snow, about ice.... actually, just about everything winter related ;) Anyway, I thought that it was only fair to write a blog post about things that I dislike about summer. Hmmm.... it was hard... really hard but I actually came up with 3 things: 1) fruit in the fruit bowl and bread in the breadbox go bad fast; 2) mosquitos and 3) dog fur all over the place (if you didn't know it, we have 2 dogs. Yes, I am nuts!). Yup, that is about it and, honestly, I just put the fruit and bread in the fridge and- voila- problem solved. Now we are down to 2 things and, to get rid of the mosquitos, I just permanently carry around bug repellent. Last on the list is dog fur... and, no matter how much I vacuum, there always seems to be enough fur on the ground to make another dog. Seriously, I vacuum twice a day and there is a seemingly endless supply ALL OVER THE STINKING HOUSE.... (*the house is actually not stinking but you know what I mean). The boys are able to effectively step over the fur without either realizing it is there or just not caring enough to sweep it up (I am betting it is the latter of the 2 choices). On the other hand, I obsess. Once seen, I cannot unsee it so I am endlessly pulling out the vacuum. It has become my best friend. I look like a crazy woman, permanently dragging a vacuum around the house... ALL SUMMER LONG! So, what do I dislike about summer? Definitely dog fur shed around the house.... the dogs are good... the shedding sucks ;) I still think that winter wins in the complaining department! ;)

Wishing you all a great rest of the weekend.... hopefully, vacuum cleaner free ;)


Aaaaarrrrrrgh! I jut finished vacuuming and it is already back again! ;)


  1. I think that cord free is definitely the way to go! So much more convenient! xox