Sunday, January 26, 2014

In a house full of boys.....

.... I guess this is how, as being the only woman, I am perceived ;) Don't you love my hair?


  1. You look young and perky and everything seems to be in the right place! Great job on the blog!!! Lina xox

    PS I blogged for about 5 years here: (very ugly as I have stopped paying for better hosting) but was too shy to tell people I knew. It was a great creative outlet for me when the kids were young. Alas I have very little time anymore.

  2. Why, thank you, Lina. Actually, I have to thank Nicka for giving me the extra volume ;)

    I am going to check out your blog! That is very cool of you! I wish I had started earlier but I always got overwhelmed by setting it up (or just too lazy, let's be honest). I get your point about both needing a creative outlet and being shy to share it but I figured that it would save everyone getting spammed by my FB posts ;)