Tuesday, November 22, 2022

A November postcard from Montreal

November, so far, has been pretty bipolar. We went from almost summer-like weather to winter in about a week. Let's just say that I started November in sandals and now have to wear boots! It is also dark so early now but- letting you all in on a little secret- leaving work and seeing all the street lights is almost cosy. Almost.

I know that I have been pretty bad at blog maintenance. The boys are WAY less interested in letting me write about them, take pictures of them and post anything about them. Sometimes bribing works but I couldn't afford that every day ;) So, to try to make ammends, I wanted to send you all a November postcard... Novembrrrrrrr is probably more accurate... here we go again xox

Sunday, November 13, 2022

Another adult in the house

Today is Alexander's 18th birthday! I can't believe that our baby boy is now a grown man. These last 18 years have been a whirlwind- a sweet boy born in 2004, living in Copenhagen, starting vuggestuen (Danish daycare), meeting friends, moving to Canada, Alexander's first day at his new daycare, becoming a big brother, meeting new friends, soccer, starting elementary school, becoming a big brother again, more soccer, meeting more new friends, trips, spending time together, growing up, graduating from grade 6, starting high school, swimming, rugby, more soccer, more trips, more friends, becoming more independent, football, more rugby, covid, graduating from high school, starting to work, starting CEGEP, becoming even more independent, more football and, today, turning 18 years old. 

All this for him but his parents haven't aged a bit ;)

Congratulations and happy birthday to our first born. We love you!

Friday, July 22, 2022

Short but sweet... and a little photo spam

Last week, we went to Toronto for a little four day family holiday. You know, I never gave Toronto enough credit... it is actually a really nice place to visit. Coming from Montreal, you are not really supposed to say stuff like that 😉but it really is nice. Most of my Toronto experiences in the past were work related so I had a very limited opinion of the city but I am so glad that we explored different neighbourhoods this time around. We wanted to go away for long enough for it to be a break from the day to day but still short enough for the boys to enjoy it.. and each other... and 4 days was perfect. Over the pandemic, all passports had expired, except for mine, so Canadian road trip it was!

I found a fantastic AirBnB home in the Leslieville area (see here). It was a full house on a really lovely, quiet street (I highly recommend it- see here for the listing. The owner was really nice too). It worked out so well because we were near the streetcars to downtown, tons of good restaurants, grocery stores, interesting architecture and an overall cool vibe. When the boys were younger, it was so much easier to find fun stuff that they liked to do. Heck, a park at the end of the street was awesome for them but, now, it is a bit more of a challenge. For activities, we decided on the Ripley's Aquarium, Kensington Market, a Blue Jays baseball game (Alexander and Nicka boycotted this one but, even as a non-baseball-fan, it was suprisingly fun), Niagara Falls, Niagara Whirlpool Aero Car, Inniskillin Winery (for me!), Niagara on the Lake and multiple food stops along the way😉 On the way home, we stopped in Kingston (see here), which was also really nice. 

Overall, great trip. I would actually really like to do this in the fall or early winter sometime and see what else Toronto has to offer... 

Now, here is the photo spam. You were warned 😉

The Bergdahl Boys